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oral & clinical surgery exams

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  • oral & clinical surgery exams

    plz all people in 6th year tell ur surgery exams here so that all of us can benefit from it..

    clinical: short or long

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    from shabab teb:
    Mohammed taher
    unit dr Gamal Mostafa ( 27 ):
    with dr ayman:
    * 1ry varicocele
    - why 1ry not 2ry from clinical exam.? [ thrill on cough- completely empties on elevating scrotum- no abdominal mass- pr 'if we will do ' is free]
    - why more on Lt side?
    * toxic thyroid nodule
    - why toxic ?
    - how to proceed in investigations for a solitary nodule? if u find ( x ) what next...& so on?
    - why her pulse normal despite toxic?


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      from shabab teb
      ismail fathy
      el 7amd le ALLAH, 2day i finished the short cases (surgery) exam, i applied the exam at Dr osama tawfeek unit(29) all the patients were males (no thyroid)
      they were 2 short cases , 1 professor examined me nt 2.
      he asked me 1st enta beta'7od dars?
      the 1st case was epigastric hernia , the 2nd was Tb lymphadenopathy (2ry)
      he asked: 1)how can u know by tel that its a hernia? (reducible)
      2)after the phone call of the patient wat will u think abt it?
      3)how did u know that its epigastric hernia? , omentocele or enterocele?
      4)then he asked abt the complic
      5)then the cl pic of strangulation
      6)then he asked abt the operations(managment), indications... and the technique...
      then he shifted 2 the 2nd case
      1)how did u know that its a lymph node?
      2)how did u know that its tb?
      3)he asked abt the D.D of swellings in the groin then asked abt saphina varix
      4)he asked abt the differences bet Tb and hodgekin's?
      the examiner didnt ask me 2 do cl. examinations, the other cases in this unit were varicocele, hernias, nerve injuries and lymphadenopathy as i remember
      thats all wat i can remember now, i hope this piece would be helpfull


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        Shabab teb
        Ismail Fathy

        ya gama3a ana lama olt el cases fel we7da beta3ty kano kolohom males kan asdy en mafeesh case breast, akeed tab3an mesh asdy thyroid(fe wa7ed etasal beya yestafsar we fehem el email el ana ba3atto '3alat) , bas fel we7da de fe3lan (Dr.Osama tawfeek) makansh fe case thyroid , bas kan fe thyroid fe ba2y el we7dat ... bas masme3tesh fe ba2y el we7dat en kan fe breast aw ischemia...
        mafeesh 7aga esmaha mafeeesh thyroid...
        atmana maykonsh 7ad tany fehem '3alat.

        أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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          Shabab teb
          mahmoud mostafa

          Short Cases

          name of examimar: Dr.Ayman
          Unit : 27 (Dr.Gamal Mostafa)
          Cases : 1)Gangrene
          2)Oblique inguinal hernia
          1) It was a gangrene in his left index finger due a trauma (blunt).
          Q:type of gangrene, structures affected (e.g tendon of Flexor Digitorum profundum), he asked me about attachment of this muscle (i.e base of distal phalynx), then he asked about ulnar& median nerve injury.

          2)Hernia: what's your examination(i.e inspection,palpation&special tests) please don't forget to mention the (3 FINGER TEST= Zieman's test),then he ask about the cause of any inginal hernia (not preciptating factors)& the answer was: incomplete oblitration of procesus vaginales.

          أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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            Shabab teb
            muhammad nashaat

            section 27 :

            By Dr Ayman :

            1st case :1ry varicocele

            -local exam

            -Why more on left side ?

            -diff between 1ry &2ry

            2nd case :bilharzial hepatosplenomegaly

            -local exam


            -child classification

            أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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              Shabab teb

              Assalam alaikum, dear colleagues:

              I had my clinical test (short cases) of surgery today. It was in dept "30". It wasn't tough, by God's Grace.

              First, I wanna let you know that the test starts at 8.00 am for all of the students; not at 11.00 as written in the schedule. That's what the professor asked us to inform the rest of the students about. (I don't know if it is for all of the departments or just for the dept "30")

              As for the cases; I examined a case of Lipoma and another of Indirect Oblique Inguinal hernia. One professor tested me for both cases.

              About the case of Lipoma; he asked me:
              • why lipoma?
              • which kind of lipoma? (Subfascial) why?
              • Complications of Lipoma
              • Other types of Lipoma
              • About the findings of the local examination
              • How to examine a cystic swelling? what if it's very small?
              (That's all I can remember)

              About the case of Oblique Inguinal Hernia; after listening to full diagnosis, he asked me:
              • Why hernia?
              • Why oblique (indirect)?
              • Complications of hernia
              • Cardinal symptoms of Obstruction?
              • Why didn't I say it was strangulated ( Not tense, not tender + no other signs of strangulation e.g pain)
              • What does strangulation mean? What is the part that is actually strangulated? ( Blood vessels; particularily veins [thinner wall + lower blood pressure])
              I hope I didn't miss something.

              God be with all of us!

              Yours, Dina.

              أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                Shabab teb
                May selim

                dear all,
                my exam was in unit(27) (gamal mostafa), my cases were: breast cancer(stage4), and subcutaneous lipoma of the back of the neck.
                the questions asked in breast cancer :DD and how to you manage?
                el lipoma kanet easy: how did u know it is a lipoma.
                also there was a case of venous ulcer of the hand (kanet 3'elsa awy)
                there were a lot of hernia and varicocele cases

                أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                  Shabab teb
                  amer trkmani

                  1st case : hydrocele with varicocele
                  DR ask about
                  diagnosis only
                  how to D.D of scrotal swelling
                  ttt of hydrocele? operative details need

                  2nd case : 2ry V.Vs with skin complication&ulcer
                  DR-ask about
                  why there is pigmentation?
                  ttt ?

                  أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                    Shabab teb
                    mahmoud elzairy

                    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
                    الحقيقة دى أول مرة أشارك فى المجموعة <o:p></o:p>
                    I have examined in29unitby dr ADEL HOSNI short cases(thyroid)&(breast)بفضل الله كان سهل قوى اتسألت على diagnosis only in thyroid&what is lymph node in axilla &the of breast case was the chronic breast abscess((بثينة امام مصطفى) ربنا يوفقنا جميعا<o:p></o:p>
                    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t forget المسطرة <o:p></o:p>
                    Torch-rolled paper--مازورة- hammer<o:p></o:p>
                    عدسة مكبرة-ترمومتر-جهاز ضغط<o:p></o:p>

                    أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                      Shabab teb
                      emad mostafa

                      Alsalam alikom
                      Alhamd lellah the exam was good ,simple for most of the cases

                      oral questions

                      1st case: varicose veins
                      what's ur diagnosis?
                      why did u say 1ry v.v.?
                      how do u know that deep system is patent?

                      2nd case: Generalised lymphadenopathy ...T.B.
                      what is the shape of l.n.?
                      why matted?
                      different shapes 0f generalised l.n. in different diseases?
                      what did u find in abdominal examination?
                      enlarged liver & spleen
                      why spleen not kidney?
                      anti T.B. drugs

                      please study lymphadenopathy case well

                      أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                        Shabab teb

                        السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته
                        Now u can dnload a powerpoint for spotting anatomy[2mega] &
                        operative[20mega] from this links



                        أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                          السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

                          Clinical surgery - long cases
                          From shabab teb group

                          1-<!--StartFragment --> muhammad nashaat

                          <!--StartFragment -->
                          Section 30 :

                          Lt direct inguinal hernia non complicated containing omentum.

                          Q1 : How to diff clinically between direct & indirect ?

                          Q2 : How to do internal ring test ?

                          Q3 : Indication of truss.........unfit for surgery & old age

                          Q4 : Richter hernia

                          Q5 : Littre hernia

                          أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                            2-<!--StartFragment --> Mohamed Taher <!--StartFragment -->

                            peace be upon you, all
                            long case
                            unit of Dr. Mohamed Kenawy ( 30 ):
                            with dr. [ Ashraf or Sherief ] ' i don't exactly remember :
                            indirect inguinal hernia:-
                            -first: your name
                            - your age ( for fun ):
                            - your daignosis
                            - types of indirect hernia
                            - complications of hernia
                            - how to know strangulated hernia ?
                            - differences between direct &indirect hernia ( clinically )
                            - how to do internal ring test ?
                            - one inch= ?? cm [ 2.5 ]

                            God with us all

                            أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                              3-dr.nadar hassan

                              السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
                              الوحدة 29 يمين
                              كان فيها حالات لونج
                              ch.iscemia(pergers disease)
                              simple nodular goiter
                              nerve injury
                              وربنا معاكم ومعانا

                              أحبك في الله يا ZMZ