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oral & clinical surgery exams

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    Shabab teb
    short cases surgery
    ayatallah khafagy

    the cases were:
    1 simple nodular goitre
    questions about it was why did you say this diagnosis

    2 oblique inguinal hernia
    questions were why did you say that and investigations and treatment.

    أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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      Shabab teb

      elsalmo 3alekom yashabab
      all of u have to read undescended testis as there is a case,and the examiner will be impressed if u answer any question about it

      God be with us all

      أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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        Shabab teb
        Tarek Numair

        al salamo 3aleko ya shabab
        ana kont fe 2esm 30 shemal el 7alat sahla we makansh feeh 7agat rekhma zy breast,lymph,nerve bas kan feh 7ala fe 3amber el 7areem post operative. bas howa da el mawdoo3.
        khally balak el sheet mosh matloob ta2reeban el mohem el local exam. we el diagnosis
        el shafawy kan fe el nazary we bas ( causes,inv., managemant ) we mafeesh 7ad bey2oom 3ala el 7ala ta2reeban . el dacatra el malignant very few
        rabenna ma3akom ya shaba we ma3ana gamee3an

        salamo 3aleko

        أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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          Shabab teb
          kareem nawwar

          Short cases dept.27

          My cases was:
          1) Varicocele (Bilateral):
          • why did u said Varicocele?
          • which side is more common, Rt or Lt?Why?
          • What are the complications?
          2) S.C.Lipoma (Rt thigh):
          • Why did u said Lipoma?
          • What other types other than S.C.?
          • Which is dangerous?Why?
          NB: Other cases in dept.27(Gamal Mostafa):
          • Hernia
          • Lymphadenopathy
          • Hepatosplenomegaly
          • Breast
          All patients were chronic ones.

          أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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            Shabab teb
            heba fouad

            Short cases
            salamo 3lykom
            <TT>-lipoma: the classic questions leih olti lipoma bla bla,hata3meleelo aih...nafs el as2ela</TT>
            <TT>-primary varicocele:leih varicocele leih primary hata3meleelo aih..</TT>
            <TT>alright,good luck w rabena ma3ana</TT>

            أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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              Shabab teb
              marwa sayed

              Short cases
              unit (27) Dr.Mohamed abdo.

              the cases all chronic (varicocele, v.v, hydrocele, hernia)
              case 1
              2ry vaginal hydrocele (pure scrotal swelling ,cystic,translucent)
              why u said its hydrocele?
              why 2ry (follows hernial operation)
              bipolar test?

              case 2
              incisional epigastric hernia not complicated enterocele
              what are complications of hernia?
              how to differentiate strangulated & obstructed hernia?

              thats all .as i said before pray to Allah as study won't make a
              in ur mark
              اللهم اجرني في مصيبتي واخلفني خيرا منها ...............لا اله الا
              سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين

              أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                Shabab teb
                marwa maghraby

                Short cases

                alsalam 3likom
                our exam was in depatment 27 (lt)
                my cases was
                1st: incisional herina
                dr asked me about causes
                comlications of hernia
                wt is strangulation
                2nd:vaginal hydrocele
                why 2ry?
                why hydrocele?
                types of hydrocele?
                coverings of spermatic cord?

                rabna m3ana

                أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                  Shabab teb
                  ahmed hany

                  short cases surgery dept.28
                  slamo 3leikoum,,,,,,my cases were varicose and oblique hernia
                  the examiner was dr mohamed qadry....
                  in v.v:
                  why 1ry,,why thrill on cough on the sapheno femoral junction,,,what is its
                  significance,,,ttt ...eih elly ye7sal lw 3amlna striping le el long
                  saphenous mn 3'er trendleberg
                  in oblique hernia:
                  why hernia,,why indirect,,,difference between direct and indirect,,,internal
                  ring test,,,difference between direct we femoral hernia,,,,
                  we rbena ywf2ana kolna

                  أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                    Shabab teb
                    doctor doctor

                    looooooong surgery

                    assalamo alikom
                    ana imta6ant alnaharda looooooooooong case surgery
                    2esm 28 rt (mohamed khedr unit)
                    case was generalized lymphadenopathy most probably TB
                    -why lymph nodes:anatomical site,multiple,shape,....
                    -why t.b: histor of tb toxemia ,drug intake rifampicine (red discoloration of urine),chest troubles,.....
                    -how u prove it is tb by inv.:most imp is biopsy and character of tb node
                    -character of hepatomegaly
                    bas keda asl alsa3a gat 12:30pm wemakansh fi 3'eri!!!
                    3ala fikra ba2et al7alat:
                    -hepatomegali>portal hypertension
                    -ulnar n. injury
                    -simple nodular goitre
                    wemakansh fih varicose walla ischemia alnaharda
                    3ala fikra bardo alli imta7ano 29 short hayro7o 28
                    we 30------->29
                    tanazoli ya3ni
                    3ala fikra bardomatkhalosh al3ayanin yesta3'eloko fi 3ayanin talabo 150 geneh!! law 7asal keda 2olo leldoctor 3alatol
                    7aga akhera 3andina imte7an xray & anatomy bokra in sha ALLLAh yaret alnas alli imta7ano alnaharda yeb3atolna besor3a
                    wed3olna 3ashan i7na khalas gebna banzine!!lina 3 ayam benemte7n
                    wassalamo alikom

                    أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                      Shabab teb
                      Amr Ali

                      Long case

                      assalmo 3laykom gamee3an.

                      we7det doctor 3adel 7osny :

                      my case was epigastric hernia + small paraumbilical hernia ( same patient)

                      take care : there was a case of lymphangioma ( cystic swelling in the face ) .. , if u r gonna be examined fe we7det dr 3adel 7osny read it , its small :).

                      other cases were :

                      secondary varicouse veins ( read DVT with it because it actually may be a case of DVT and not recanalized yet !!!!! very strange , isnt it !!!!! )

                      goitre , i dont know which type


                      ulnar nerve injury


                      i dont remember other cases , sheddo 7elko we rabena m3ana en sha2 allah :)

                      أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                        long case surgery

                        in 28 unit
                        د.عبد المعطي حسين
                        د.عصام القوصي
                        what is ur case?
                        incisional hernia (full diagnosis)
                        read the sheet..
                        what is the groin?
                        what is the water hummer pulse?
                        what are causes of muscle haematoma?
                        what investigation to do?ct
                        what is the difference between 1ry & 2ry healing of a scar?linear & wide
                        why to do liver function test in such a patient?
                        what is the normal abdominal contour?
                        is the flanks area or line? line
                        are epigastric pulsations seen normally?


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                          ulner nerve

                          very simple questionts

                          movements of fingers

                          i was about to lose 5 marks 4 not cheking other systems in history but الحمد لله ربنا ستر
                          ازاى الاولاد ؟

                          وانا كمان ;)


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                            Unit. Dr. Abdelmo3ty Hussein
                            ulnar nerve
                            the same simple questions of kalmntena
                            Rabbena Satar bardoh
                            Alhamdo lellea
                            أشحطوط بالورى .... جاب الليالي السود .... فتبهدلا


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                              Long surgery

                              <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

                              Unit 30

                              Dr. Heshaam Abo'eesha

                              Case: surgical jaundice (OJ) most probably malignant

                              <o:p> ---------------------------------------------------------------</o:p>

                              Read the sheet

                              Mention all +ve and –ve .. and a discussion about why each is +ve and why each is –ve


                              Then :

                              <o:p>------------------------------------------------------------ </o:p>

                              When can surgical jaundice cause bl. Tendency other than by vit K def? (hypersplenism : thrombocytopenia)<o:p></o:p>

                              <o:p> ---------------------------------------------------------------</o:p>

                              How 2 prepare jaundiced pt for surg ?<o:p></o:p>

                              <o:p> -------------------------------------------------------</o:p>

                              Why will you give bile salts? (ttt of malabsorp + prevent bacterial translocation)

                              <o:p> ---------------------------------------------------------</o:p>

                              Which bacteria translocate ?<o:p></o:p>

                              <o:p> ------------------------------------------------------------</o:p>

                              Complications of OJ other than bl tendency and malabs ?(renal failure ) how to protect against it ? (answer : mannitol)<o:p></o:p>

                              <o:p> ---------------------------------------------------------------</o:p>

                              Why didn't you feel the gall bladder ? an exeption of Courvoisier law? (Answer : may be hidden behind the lower border of the liver that is enlarging downwards).<o:p></o:p>

                              <o:p> -------------------------------------------------------------</o:p>

                              When can a case of OJ associated with palpable ( or even huge ) axillary LN ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (answer : the OJ is caused by a lymphoma in porta hepatis associated with lymphomas in other sites including axilla !! isn't lymphoma generalized at some stage?) use <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">ur</st1:City></st1:place> mind !<o:p></o:p>

                              الدكتور هشام طيب جداً
                              يا بخت اللي بيدخل له
                              الحمد لله اللي سترها معايا
                              أن توقد شمعة ... خير من أن تلعن الظلام ألف مرة