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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته

    From shabab teb group
    Mohamed Taher

    peace be upon u:

    العمليات والبرطمانات ( قصدي الجارات ) : <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
    -:روح الصبح الساعه 8 وحده 29 أو 30 واعرف التقسيمه<o:p></o:p>
    -: هما لجنتين: واحده عمليات والتانيه جارات<o:p></o:p>
    -: الجارات: التعرف على الجار مش مشكله، بس بيسألك عليه شوية نظري<o:p></o:p>
    -: العمليات : بتسحب ورقه عليها سؤالين : بتجاوب على السؤالين الاتنين<o:p></o:p>
    -: ذاكر كل العمليات اللي في المنهج لانك بتسحب ورقه واحده، وانت وحظك وبتجاوب على السؤالين اللي فيها<o:p></o:p>

    - the exam is 2 ' lagna ' : one jars, the other operative.
    - i was examined in dr.[ Adel Hosny ] unit:
    * Jars: with dr Adel Hosny:
    - what's this? [ e.g. pyonephrosis ]
    - how u know?
    - what's the management? nephrectomy
    - what investigations u should do before the operation? [ he wants: check the otherkidney ]
    -another jar [ i & the doctor were not sure what's it ] he said: don't worry, that i myself don't know it, but let's take it piece by piece, is it hollow or solid organ? ... what u see ?e.g. nodules, let's suppose it is liver cirrhosis,metastases,...: where metastases to liver come from...?

    * operative: a doctor i don't know his name:
    - first u choose a card: each card 2 questions
    - mine was:
    a) management of acute lactational mastitis, breast abscess
    b) appendicectomy ( technique ) : he asked me also about variable positions of appendix.

    God with us , and good luck.
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    أحبك في الله يا ZMZ

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    Shabab teb
    Mohammad Kahky

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله
    في البداية أحب أن أهنئ نفسي و إياكم على انتهاء القسم الأول من الامتحانات الشفوية و الاكلينيكية .. و عقبال القسم الآخر
    كانت لجنتي في قسم 29 وحدة الدكتور عادل حسني
    بالنسبة لامتحان العمليات و الجارات فهو لجنتان

    لجنة العمليات :
    طلب مني الدكتور أن أسحب ورقة ... فإذا بها مكتوب عليها :

    Management of arterial injuiry
    Management of infantile iliocecal intussuception

    و هذه بعض الأسئلة التي سألنيها في هذين الموضوعين :

    Types of arterial injuiry ( don't forget spasm)

    Which is more dangerous , complete tear or partial tear ( partial tear , because in complete tear the 2 ends will contract to prevent bleeding)

    When to use synthetic graft or to use vein graft ( according to the lumin of the injuired artery , if small use a vein , if large use a synthetic graft )

    What to do in spasmodic artery? ( injection with papaverin , soaking with xylocaine)

    What is the ttt of infantile iliocecal intusseption ? ( hydrostatic pressure and surgery )

    What is the fluid used in hydrostatic reduction ? ( Barium enema , diagnostic and theraputic )

    What to do in the surgery ? ( push the head of the intussuceptum to avoid injiury of the ilium )

    بالنسبة لامتحان الجارات :

    امتحنني الدكتور عادل حسني شخصيا

    كان أمامه جار غريييييييب
    عبارة عن
    solid organ
    و مليان

    هو نفسه قال لي أنه لا يعرف هذا الجار
    و لكن لنفترض أنه
    cysts in the liver
    ما هي أسباب ال
    polycystic liver ?

    What are the assosciations? ( polycstic kidney , spleen , lung )

    مع تمنياتنا للجميع بالنجاح و التوفيق

    أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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      Shabab teb

      Asalamo 3aleikom

      Don't worry ya gama3a today I had my operative and jars exam in unit:
      Adel Hosni 29:
      Homa 2 lagna:
      1st Dr. Allaa Maher:"Jars"
      Jar 1:
      What is this jar: Appendix

      How do you know? tubular hollow viscus with a blind end etc...

      Pathology of appendicitis?
      D.D. of appendicitis..............
      How to differntiate it from Meckel's diverticulum?
      Is there a tumor arising from the appendix?What does it secrete?
      how to ttt this tumor?

      Jar 2:
      What is this jar? Hydronephrosis
      How do you know?
      What are the causes of obsrtuctive uropathy?
      How does Bilharziasis produce obstructive uropathy?
      Lesions of bilharzisis in the bladder?
      Types of bladder ca?
      Which type does Bilharzizasis produce?

      lagna 2: Operative
      Dr. Mohamad el 3'areeb

      2 options: and you choose:Mine was
      -lactational mastitis and breast abscess
      2aley what do you know about it in general?
      then fe el nos when he knows that you know, 2olley ba2a management!!
      -apendicectomy ( technique)

      That's it!!!
      2aham 7aga ya gama3a not to loose control and be calm it is not
      difficult!!!! And sleep well abel kol exam!! Becoz I don't do this
      and when I didn't know it was becoz of lack of concentration!!!Ok
      Yalla inshaa allah all of you will do fine!!!!
      Rabena ma3akom gamee3an

      أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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        Shabab teb
        Mohamad Abu-Safieh

        Operative & jars: Department 29 left<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
        1. Jars: examiner dr ali shafeek<o:p></o:p>
        Polycystic kidney: describe, definition, C/P, operations <o:p></o:p>
        Squamous cell carcinoma urinary bladder: describe, gross picture, gross & microscopic picture of Bilharzial cystitis<o:p></o:p>
        Benign teratoma ( dermiod cyst) testis: describe, what is the original cell ?? (totipotent cell) <o:p></o:p>
        2. Operative: examiner dr amr mohsen<o:p></o:p>
        I picked a paper of 2 questions: <o:p></o:p>
        a) strangulated inguinal hernia: <o:p></o:p>
        manifestations, how to manage especially hospitalization and criteria of the incision, viability of intestines & management of a gangrenous loop..<o:p></o:p>
        b) fracture clavicle:<o:p></o:p>
        diagnosis, management, complications..

        أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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          Shabab teb
          ahmed bashatly

          alsalamo 3alyakom
          here is my exam in unit 28 right

          jars( gall bladder)
          what is this?
          what is the clinical picture?

          operative (u pick apaper contians 2 operations)
          mine was management of fracture neck femur
          surgical management of hydrocele.
          it was easy don't worry and study all the operations in the curriculum of the departement.

          أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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            Shabab teb
            muhammad nashaat

            Section 29 :

            Operative exam :

            Q1 : Managment of carcinoma of thyroid gland .

            N.B : He need (Total or near total thyroidectomy)

            -Technique of operation .

            -Effect of injury of external laryngeal n .

            -managment of L.N metastasis ----> Modefied block neck dessiction .

            Q2 : Managment of hemothorax .

            N.B Intercostal tube in 5th space in Mid Axillary line with under water seal .

            Jars exam :

            1- Hydronephrosis .

            -Why ?

            -Causes (specially bilateral causes ---->urethral , prostatic & bladder )

            2-Solid mass with nodules or polyops .

            -site of polyps in the body ----> GIT,UB,Vocal Cord &stomach

            -Type of nodule in liver -----> metastatic & chirrotic .

            GOOD LUCK .

            أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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              Shabab teb
              Ismail Fathy

              el operative kan 3and doctor mohamed abdo, '7alaany a'7tar mn kaza paper , el wara2a el e'7tartaha kan feeha
              a- management of hemorrhoids:
              he asked me abt the indications, technique
              b- management of stone in ureter
              he told me atkalem 3an el management beta3et ha,,, hate3mel eh feeha
              kan fe doctors bey'7allo el students ye'7taro aktar mn wara2a we ba3d keda ye'7taro (el students) 1 ques mnhom, kan fe doctor beyesa2al kol el students; management of rupture spleen (diag and ttt) bas...

              belnesba lel jars kan fe kaza jar el fakro mnhom pigmented stone (gall bladder), malignant epolus (mandible), intussuception, cancer breast, thyroid,
              el doctor kan gentle awy, he told me choose 2 of them, then he asked me abt staging and ttt of cancer breast and sings, ttt of intessuception...

              أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                Shabab teb
                mahmoud mostafa


                1)oesophageal varcies : management of
                bleeding varcies
                2)hand infections : site of incision at
                pulp space, web space, palm& thenar
                (Hilton's method).


                1)HYDRONEPHROSIS: causes& complications
                2)liver metastasis: sites that send
                metastasis to liver (i.e. portal vein
                from GIT&hepatic artery from all
                body) most common site of
                metastasis from kidney (i.e.
                kidney "cannon balls").

                N.B: you must study all
                operative coreculum.

                أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                  Shabab teb
                  abdelrrahman mo3ath


                  1- Hypernephroma
                  *clinical pictures

                  2- Intussesception
                  *clinical pictures

                  3- Nodular goitre
                  *types of cancer thyroid
                  *differences between follicular and papillary types
                  *ttt of cancer thyroid


                  أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                    Shabab teb
                    Hi, All:

                    In the Surgical Pathology test, I had:

                    1st Jar: Gall bladder stones

                    I was asked about:
                    • Types of Gall Bladder Stones.
                    • Complications of CBD Obstruction.
                    2nd Jar: Appendix

                    I was asked:
                    • Complications of Appendicular Abscess.
                    • Symptoms that differentiate obstructed type from non-obstructed one.
                    In the Operative test:

                    I was asked about Appendicectomy: (Just one operation !!!!!)

                    I was asked about:
                    • How to diagnose Appendicitis: Symptoms, Signs, Investigations, Differential Diagnosis.
                    • The operative technique.
                    • Complications of Appendicectomy.
                    God be with all of you!!



                    أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                      Shabab teb
                      emad mostafa

                      وحدة ا. د. محمد عبده آى الدين
                      1: Management of head trauma.
                      How do dignose a head trauma ?
                      how do u monitor neurological system?::> GCS
                      2: ttt of renal stones
                      - ESWL
                      - PCNL
                      - SURGICAL
                      N.B. study them in details from urology
                      muscles u cut by Morrison incision ?

                      1: ilioileal intususception
                      - what are the types of intususception
                      - Describe the c/p
                      - complications
                      - Investigations
                      - ttt
                      2: A stone !
                      - What r the types of gall stones
                      - investigations 4 gall stones
                      - ttt of gall stones
                      as u c exams of surgery are easy. please sleep well, try to attend early about 8 a.m.
                      trust yourself & allah almosta3an

                      أحبك في الله يا ZMZ


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                        Shabab teb
                        wella wella

                        polycystic kidney:invest.,ttt
                        Intussusseption : cause = adenoma (in that jar) inves. , ttt
                        hydroureter : ttt
                        appendicetomy (indication , technique , complications)

                        eljars we el operetive sahl ged" wel doctors need no details

                        أحبك في الله يا ZMZ